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“Mistakes- call them unexpected learning experiences”~ Richard Bach

Nothing I do is perfect. I like the idea of embracing scars, mars and imperfection. I had an art teacher, whom I adored, Miss Williams. She would encourage us to be open and move in a direction where your project actually gave direction. Sometimes Miss Williams had an example of the medium being introduced. Most times, she would describe the project and let us interpret what that meant. 


I’ve enjoyed sewing since I was 9 years old. My mother would let me sit, albeit quietly, in a chair next to her, watching her create shirts, vests, dresses, quilts, pant suits and pajamas for our family. She “let” me sew buttons on shirts, coats and pot holders. Yes, pot holders. I’m not a fantastic sewer. However, I know my way around a machine and I would classify myself as “able to get it done”. I can hem a pair of pants, sew simple projects and love making costumes for my Angel Tree Toppers.

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